UWP RBIMBS UKC Ch/BIF Am DC UnderCover Meisterhaus Valentino RN SC FCh GRC JOR NA NAJ AOM CGC TDI VBX (fanconi clear)

born 11/26/01

photo on left by Garth Gourlay

Welcome to Mojo's page!  Mojo is the beginning of a lifelong adventure for me.  He arrived in my home on March 4th, 2002 after a long search for my first Basenji and show dog.  Many thanks to Gale Whitehurst and Tad Brooks for making this possible!  Also a big thank you to all those who have helped me along the way with much appreciated wisdom.  I spent a lot of time with Mojo learning about training, dog showing, and the mysterious ways of the Basenji.  I have only just begun, but it has been loads of fun.  Mojo has done quite well considering his fumbling handler.

Mojo finished his AKC conformation championship in style!  On September 27, 2003 after just turning 22 months old he went Winners Dog to earn his second major and finish.  But he wasn't done there...he went on to take Best Of Breed over 3 specials and then 2nd place in the Hound Group over 164 dogs!!!  What a way to finish!  On the road to his championship, Mojo was a multiple Breed winner from the classes over specials, and he also received a puppy Hound Group 2.  Mojo also finished his UKC championship on May 22, 2005.  On the way to this title he won the sighthound group twice and even received a reserve BEST IN SHOW!  We have started going to some Canadian shows as well and Mojo has 6 points already.  We are hoping to head back and finish up his Canadian title in the future.

Mojo continues to do well in the AKC show ring.  He won an Award Of Merit at the 2004 Greater Chicagoland Basenji Club specialty!  Big thanks to friend Joseph Hurt who took him to that win for me.  We also went to our first nationals in 2004 and he made the cut for the final round of Best Of Breed!  At the 2005 nationals he placed 4th in his field trial dog class and in 2006 he won it!  Also at the 2006 nationals he was 4th in the stud dog class.  Look for him in the future to make select appearances in the ring as a special, while we continue to pursue other interests.  Now he will be hitting the ring as a veteran!


Mojo has also started his lure coursing career, and loves to chase the bunny!  With AKC he has earned his Junior and Senior Courser titles.  He finally had a chance to get his last major and finished his AKC Field Championship on 9/14/08.  That now makes him a Dual Champion!  He currently has 5 legs towards his Master Courser and 1 LCX point.  Mojo is doing well with ASFA too, taking Best Of Breeds in almost all of his trials!  Mojo has also won a Best In Field!  He earned his ASFA Field Championship on October 10th, 2004.  We will continue to work towards his LCM when we get a chance, he has 20 points racked up so far.  We haven't done much lure coursing though because we have discovered a new passion.  Mojo has had the opportunity to run in some LGRA straight racing meets.  In the beginning he was never a major frontrunner, but he has proven to be a good contender.  At the 2005 BCOA national specialty he was 5th out of 17 entries.  He had his best meet yet at the 2006 nationals with a 4th out of 29 dogs!  He managed to complete his Gazehound Racing Championship on June 25th, 2006.  He did it in style by winning the meet and beating Cleo, his lightning fast house mate!  He now has 5 NRC points towards his SGRC title.  He finished 2005 ranked #19 Basenji in LGRA.  In 2006 he continued to stay near the top.  Mojo also recently discovered NOTRA oval racing.  He ran his first meet at the nationals in 2005, and had other things on his mind.  However he steadily improved and a year later at the 2006 Basenji nationals he placed 5th out of 23 racers!  Then at the 2007 NOTRA nationals he was 6th out of 26 entries!  Now that he's getting used to the track, he's even leaving Cleo in the dust.  He earned his JOR on September 1st, 2007 and has 4 legs for his SOR and 1.5 ORC points.

photos by Shot On Site

Mojo has added agility and obedience to his repitoire!  We began training at home and also attend classes at the Ann Arbor Dog Training Club.  Mojo has entered some agility trials and he already earned his novice titles!  He got his Novice Agility Jumpers on July 4th, 2005 and his Novice Agility on August 25th, 2005.  At nationals in 2005 he earned his first qualifying scores in the open classes! 
We took a couple years off to work with Cleo's puppies and do some racing, but will be looking to continue in agility in 2009.  With the addition of Mojo's agility title, he became a "Versatile Basenji" with the BCOA's versatility program!  And after adding his racing title, he is now a Versatile Basenji Excellent!  Mojo has been working hard in obedience too, and gave rally a try.  His first attempt earned him a leg with a score of 91 and 2nd place (right behind Cleo) at the 2006 Basenji nationals!  Mojo's second attempt at rally earned him another leg with an 83.  Then on March 1st, 2007 he earned his third and final qualifier for the Rally Novice title!  At some point in the future he will probably give the advanced class a go.  We are slowly getting the hang of traditional obedience exercises and would love to debut in that too.


We have yet again discovered a new venue, this time it's weight pulling!  We have tried out a few practices and Mojo took to things like a pro.  We entered our first pulls  in September 2007 and he pulled a whopping 500 pounds on the rails!  He earned 2 legs towards his first weight pull title that weekend.  Then in April 2008 he entered his 3rd pull and earned his United Weight Puller title!  Now in 2009 we've given it another go and Mojo is coming on stronger than ever!  He puts his head down, digs in, and continues to surpass expectations.  He currently has 45 championship points (15 snow, 25 wheels, 5 rails) and 45 all-star ranking points.  He holds our top pulls for each of the 3 carts...205 lbs on snow, 700 lbs on wheels, and 595 lbs on rails!

Mojo earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate at 9 months old.  He then earned his Therapy Dogs International certification on December 15th, 2004.  He is now making therapy visits to the local hospital when time allows.

Mojo is available to select Basenji bitches.  He has a lot of nice qualities, including a wonderful temperament!  Health tests have been completed, however we will continue to monitor and recertify where needed.  Mojo has OFA results of good hips, normal elbows, normal patellas, normal thyroid, and a normal cardiac exam.  He also tested probable CLEAR for fanconi with the new DNA marker test.  His eyes CERF'ed, but he has some corneal dystrophy which does not affect his vision.  Please email for breeding inquiries or health certificates.  Mojo was bred to Cleo in 2005, and had 5 beautiful babies on 12/31/05!  So far 4 of these kids are multiple titlists!  There was a repeat breeding in 2006 which produced 3 big boys on 12/22/06.  We have a couple accomplished runners out of that litter too!  Mojo was also bred in 2007 to Boo, UKC AOE RBIMBS GrCh/Am DC Select Rugosa Rose Bouqet MC FCh TT VCC, and they had 8 puppies on January 9, 2008.  You can find more info on my puppies link.  Look for some of these stellar pups in a ring or on a field near you!

To see more info and pictures of Mojo, check out the links below.  Check back for updates and additions!

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DC Bojak's UnderCover Kojak SC FCh TT SDHR
Ch Kissi's Hershey Of Centaurus
Ch Red Revers Reverie Of Ouimac
Ch Reliant Kiss-A-Lot
Ch Bojak Abbai Malaika
Ch Bojak Abbai Hasani
Ch Bojak Tishiba Of Bijobi
Ch UnderCover 'Mbuti' Madam Gucci BBHR
Ch Escapade's High Five
Ch Bojak Abbai Kifungua Mimba CD
Windrush Nyoya Of Bojak
Ch UnderCover Tara Sintana FCh
Ch Bojak Abbai Jitupa Sikio
Camelot's Lady Of The Lake BBHR

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