DC Kiroja UnderCover Legend SC JOR

born 12/31/05

Welcome to Juju's page!  She is a beautiful brindle girl from my first home-bred litter.  She is pictured above at 12 months.  She is a crazy monkey, but we love her just the same.  Juju is owned by Susan Schroeder and Gale Whitehurst in Florida/Georgia.  She had a short but very sweet show career and finished her championship in 2007 with FIVE majors!  Juju also became my first homebred champ!  She is now retired from the ring and is spayed, so she can shine on the field.  Juju takes after her mother with her lightning speed.  She should be a superb racer!  She has been out coursing some and is learning the ropes.  She seems to have that goofiness of her mother's too.  She finished her Junior Courser easily.  When her brain clicked, she had some lovely runs in open.  Finally in March 2009 she picked up her second major to finish her AKC Field Championship.  This also makes her a Dual Champion, and my first home-bred DC!  Currently Juju has 3 legs towards her Master Courser.  In ASFA lure coursing, she has earned 63 points so far with multiple BOB wins.  Over half way there and she's met her placement requirements already!  Juju has started to do some racing now.  In NOTRA, she earned her JOR in April 2009.  She now has 1 SOR leg with .5 ORC pt and .5 NORC pt.  Juju has been quite the goofy girl, but we are looking forward to having a serious contender in 2009.  Watch out boys, here she comes!

Here is Juju at 6 months below:


Here are some photos of Juju at 8 weeks:



To see more info and pictures of Juju, links will be added soon.  Check back for updates and additions!

Juju's Pedigree

BIF DC UnderCover Meisterhaus Valentino RN SC FCh GRC JOR NA NAJ TDI
DC Bojak's UnderCover Kojak SC FCh TT SDHR Ch Kissi's Hershey Of Centaurus
Ch Bojak Abbai Malaika
Ch UnderCover 'Mbuti' Madam Gucci BBHR Ch Escapade's High Five
Ch UnderCover Tara Sintana FCh
Ch Meisterhaus Kiroja Kiss N Tell RN JC GRC JOR NA NAJ TDI
Ch Meisterhaus Jokuba F Lee Brindle BIS/BISS DC Jasiri-Sukari The Illustrated Man SC LCX
Ch Meisterhaus UnderCover Brava BBHR
Ch Meisterhaus Eternal Flame BBHR
BISS BIF DC Jasiri-Sukari Juri Maguire MC LCX2 CGC
Ch UnderCover Bojak's Caitlan BBHR

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