Kel-San Shadow



This is my beautiful boy Shadow!  He is a 21 yr old bay Morgan gelding.  Shadow is a lovely blend of the old style compact versatile working Morgan and the new leggy refined animated show horse.  He's been with me since summer '00.  He didn't know anything when he got here, I've had to take him from the ground up.  It's been a fun journey, and who knows where it will lead us next.  Shadow has a lot of personality and always gives us a good laugh.  He also can be quite a hanful and full of energy.  I guess this is where my interest in Basenjis grew?  :)

It was my dream to own a horse, but that wasn't the end.  The chance to train him myself and then finally compete with him successfully in a show brought everything full circle!  I hope there's a lot more for me in the horse world, but at least I've done what I needed to do.  I have a lot to learn yet, and so does my horse.  Shadow is far from being a finished show horse, and myself far from an expert rider, but we like to dabble in lots of things.  Here are some highlights from our show in August 2004.  He was 5th out of 10 in his stock horse dominated halter class.  Not bad for an out of shape aged gelding pulled out of the pasture.  Then he was honorable mention in our novice walk/trot class.  I was so proud of my boy for working hard.



We got to go to another show in July 2006.  This time it was a GLASS-ED show and we did the walk/trot dressage tests.  Got a ribbon in every class, even a 1st!  He managed to improve his score over 10% throughout the day, even with the extreme heat.  I would love it if we could go to one of these shows again next year and try training level.  But we sure have some work ahead of us.



Shadow enjoys running around the fields and playing with all the other boys out there.  He also is great at entertaining the kids at work with his circus acts and line dancing.


Due to some last minute illnesses and injuries with the horses at work, Shadow got to come with me on an overnight campout!  It was amazing to have the whole family together for a night away from home, as I brought the dogs along too.  He was a pretty good boy, although tough for him to sit still.  He is quite the busy body.  He managed to keep his composure fairly well and the trip was a success.

And where would Shadow be without his gorgeous daddy!  This is Charter...Chantwood Charterson...who had quite a successful show career.  As did shadow's full brother, Batton's Flashdance.  Shadow was a foal bred with star intentions, but quickly put on the backburner when life and kids caught up with his breeder.

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