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born 11/25/02


photos by Garth Gourlay and Group First

This is my little girl, Cleo!  She arrived home on January 27th, 2003 at 9 weeks of age to be Mojo's playmate and my new show dog.  Thank you Tad Brooks for allowing me to have this beautiful brindle girl.  Miss Cleo is my 2nd Basenji, and the lovely foundation bitch for my breedings.

Cleo finished her AKC conformation championship in style like Mojo!  On January 17, 2004 at 13 months old she went Winners Bitch to get that last needed point.  But she didn't stop there...she went on to take Best Of Breed over a special for her third major!  On the road to her championship, Cleo had some impressive wins.  She was Winners Bitch for 4 points the day after the Greater Chicagoland Basenji Club specialty at just 6 months old.  She was Best In Sweepstakes at the Ann Arbor Kennel Club show at 7 months old.  Cleo also took a huge 5 point major the day after the Hoosier Basenji Club specialty at 8 months old.  She was Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex over 5 specials, including a multiple national and regional specialty and Best In Show winner!  Cleo earned her UKC championship on May 21, 2005.  She won several group placements along the way.  She has since even earned a group 1st over competition.  Cleo also has 1 point towards her Canadian championship.  We will continue to pursue that CKC title, but also look for her in the ring at some American specialties and shows in the future.  She enjoyed a short, but sweet 2004 with Best Of Breed at the Detroit Kennel Club benched show, and a tv appearance in the group!  She finished #15 Basenji bitch in the country for 2004!  Cleo has taken on a new role in the ring.  She was 2nd in brood bitch at the 2006 BCOA National Specialty!

photos by Shot On Site

Miss Cleo has had a rocky lure coursing career.  She earned her Junior Courser title with AKC.  She is a little rocket and shows a lot of promise.  However, she's been goofy on the field, so continues to run alone and train before competing in trials.  Now racing, that is another story!  Cleo has participated in LGRA straight racing meets and has done incredibly well.  She earned her Gazehound Racing Championship on July 9, 2005.  It was an impressive streak of 5 meets finishing no worse than 4th with mostly large Basenji entries of 12 or more.  This includes a 4th at nationals in 2004 out of 23 Basenjis in only her second meet!  Cleo also had a great nationals in 2006 finishing 6th out of 29 entries.  She currently has 24.5 NRC points towards her SGRC title.  Cleo finished 2004 as the #16 Basenji in LGRA .  She finished 2005 even better as #6 Basenji.  She continued her lightning fast ways in 2006 by finishing as #8 Basenji, even with her 2 litters hampering the beginning and end of the running season.  For 2007, she again finished at #10!  Still rather impressive with again a litter to bounce back from, and two of her daughters in the top 10 above her, including Roxie in the #1 spot!  Cleo made her debut in NOTRA oval racing at the 2005 national specialty.  She is steadily improving her skill and endurance while attending a couple more meets.  She earned her Junior Oval Racer on September 20th, 2006 at her second nationals meet.  She also has 3 legs towards her SOR and 1 ORC point.  Cleo has also passed on her wonderful running attributes to her children.  She already has 6 titled offspring on the field from her two litters, including two SGRC titlists!

photos by Shot On Site

Cleo is also trying out agility and obedience.  We train at home, as well as take classes at the Ann Arbor Dog Training Club.  She has been in a few agility trials, and is starting to show off her potential.  She earned her first leg towards each of her novice titles in 2005.  She took a year off of training and competing to have a litter and then do some racing.    When she returned to the ring, she had a fabulous four Q's in a row!  She earned her second legs at our training club's trials, and then earned her final legs a week later at the 2006 Basenji nationals!  On September 19th, 2006 she earned her Novice Agility and Novice Agility Jumpers titles with fabulous runs.  If she can improve her confidence and focus, she will be amazing.  Thanks to her agility title, Cleo is now a Versatile Basenji with the BCOA!  The obedience is also coming along and we're giving rally a try.  Cleo's debut was at the 2006 nationals with an amazing score of 95 and 1st place for her first leg!  Her buddy Mojo was right behind her in second.  Cleo was able to attend a second rally event in 2006 and she got another leg with a score of 96!  On 3/1/07 she received her final qualifier and earned her Rally Novice title!  Then the next day she moved up to the advanced class where she picked up her first leg and a placement.  We will find time to attend more rally events in 2009 so she can attempt her advanced title.  Traditional obedience looks promising too, but there is still a lot more work to do.


As with her housemates, Cleo has begun to participate in weight pulls lately!  She hasn't developed the best technique yet, but she sure likes to pull now that the weather has warmed up.  Cleo earned her United Weight Puller in March 2009.  This title moved her up to a Versatile Basenji Excellent with the BCOA!  She earned her first 5 championship points on rails in April, with a 505 lb. pull.  Cleo now has a total of 15 championship points (10 wheels, 5 rails).  She has also racked up 25 all-star ranking points this year.  Watch out for this little underdog to start picking up the pace, now that she's had a chance to sample the 3 carts!

Cleo earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate at 6 months old, what a sweetheart.  She then earned her Therapy Dogs International certification on December 15th, 2004.  She is now making therapy visits to the local hospital when time allows.

Cleo is turning out to be a nice brood bitch for Kiroja!  She has many good things to offer the breed, including that sweet temperament.  Health tests have been completed, but will continue to recertify as needed.  Cleo has OFA results of good hips, normal elbows, normal patellas, normal thyroid, and a normal cardiac exam.  Her eyes CERF'ed normal.  She continues to strip test negative for fanconi monthly.  She has a fanconi probable clear son, so her status is presumed a carrier at worst.  Cleo was bred to my boy Mojo for her first litter and they arrived 12/31/05.  Those first Kiroja stars are already shining.  Four out of the 5 pups have hit the ring and/or field and have multiple titles already!  She was bred to Mojo again in 2006 with 3 big boys arriving on 12/22/06.  Another good bunch that is making mom proud.

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Cleo in the ring
Cleo stacked/gaiting
Cleo on the field
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Cleo at home

Cleo's Pedigree

Ch Meisterhaus Jokuba F Lee Brindle
BIS/BISS DC Jasiri-Sukari The Illustrated Man SC LCX
MBIF DC Jasiri-Sukari Juri Seinfeld MC
Ch Jasiri-Sukari Taboo
Ch Meisterhaus UnderCover Brava BBHR
Ch Jerlin's General Patton
Ch UnderCover Bojak's Caitlan BBHR
Ch Meisterhaus Eternal Flame BBHR
BISS BIF DC Jasiri-Sukari Juri Maguire MC LCX2 CGC
Ch Sukari's Spot The Target CD
BIS/BISS DC Jasiri's Jurassic Bark MC
Ch UnderCover Bojak's Caitlan BBHR
DC Bojak's UnderCover Kojak SC FCh TT SDHR
Ch Bojak Abbai Kosa Mjinga

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