UnderCover Kiroja Jazz Legend JOR CGC TDI

born 11/30/05

Welcome to Louie's page!  He is the newest addition to the Kiroja family.  He is named after the famous jazz musician Louis Armstrong.  He is pictured at 8 months above.  Louie certainly is a dashing fellow, and adds more color to the pack.  Thanks to Susan Schroeder and Gale Whitehurst for letting this pretty boy come up here.  He is such a sweet and calm boy.  Louie will be hitting the show ring sparingly, he made his debut at the Chicago specialty in 2006.  Now he is living back in Florida with his littermates and will be showing down there these days.  So far he has picked up 3 majors and now has 9 points towards his title!

Louie has been very consistent on field so far.  He is not the fastest of my gang, but he still holds his own against most of the Midwest racing dogs.  He has 4 points towards his GRC in straight track.  He earned his JOR in 2008 and has 1 SOR leg and 1/2 ORC point in oval track.  He went to his first ASFA lure coursing trial in 2008 and picked up 4 points.  Louie even caught on to weight pulling and earned 2 legs towards his UWP at his first pulls!


Louie earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate on 12/5/06!  He then became a certified therapy dog on 12/10/06 at 12 months old.  He is such a love bug, he will be my best therapy dog yet!

Louie will have a lot of health testing done over the next year or so.  He had his eyes CERFed normal in March 2007.  Louie tested probable carrier for fanconi.

Here are some photos of Louie at 4 months below:


To see more info and pictures of Louie, links will be added soon.  Check back for updates and additions!

Louie's Pedigree

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Ch Reveille Boutonniere JC
Ch Kibushi Highfalutin Of Vasia
Ch Sinful's Uptown Girl
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