Kiroja Civil Disobedience

born 12/22/06

Welcome to Jazz's page!  He is a great brindle boy from my second litter.  He is pictured above at a year old.  He is full of energy and loves to play.  Jazz lives with Damian and Dolores Aquino in MI.  He also has a human sister, Isabella.

Although Jazz was not my show hopeful, I was grateful that Damian allowed me to co-own him so I could watch him grow.  Now that the other boys are gone, I did take Jazz to some UKC shows for fun.  He was able to get a feel for it and even earned one of his competition wins against some other nice boys.  He has since been neutered and we are looking forward to his performance career.  His real potential will hopefully be on the lure field, like his brothers and sisters.  We are hoping to get Jazz to a couple events in 2009 to see if he likes bunny chasing.  Also his family might be interested in doing some agility and I think he would be a fun juniors partner for his big sister.  :)

Here are some photos of Jazz at 8 weeks:



To see more info and pictures of Jazz, links will be added soon.  Check back for updates and additions!

Jazz's Pedigree

BIF DC UnderCover Meisterhaus Valentino RN SC FCh GRC JOR NA NAJ TDI
DC Bojak's UnderCover Kojak SC FCh TT SDHR Ch Kissi's Hershey Of Centaurus
Ch Bojak Abbai Malaika
Ch UnderCover 'Mbuti' Madam Gucci BBHR Ch Escapade's High Five
Ch UnderCover Tara Sintana FCh
Ch Meisterhaus Kiroja Kiss N Tell RN JC GRC JOR NA NAJ TDI
Ch Meisterhaus Jokuba F Lee Brindle BIS/BISS DC Jasiri-Sukari The Illustrated Man SC LCX
Ch Meisterhaus UnderCover Brava BBHR
Ch Meisterhaus Eternal Flame BBHR
BISS BIF DC Jasiri-Sukari Juri Maguire MC LCX2 CGC
Ch UnderCover Bojak's Caitlan BBHR

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