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If you are considering getting a Basenji or just looking to find out more about them, then this page will be of interest.  This breed is quite different, and not for everyone.  But in the right hands, it is such a truely rewarding dog.  The key is finding a responsible and reputable breeder who heath tests their dogs and puts health and temperament as a top priority in selecting breeding stock.

good reasons NOT to get a Basenji:
sometimes Basenjis can be great:
To get more information on Basenjis and finding a breeder, please visit the BCOA Outreach website.

Fanconi is a very prevalent disease in the Basenji breed, but there is now a genetic test available!  A direct test is still in the making, however a DNA marker linkage test was developed in the fall of 2007 so breeders could start getting a handle on their litter plans.  PLEASE, if you get a Basenji, make sure that your pup has been DNA tested with results of probable clear, probable carrier, or indeterminate.  Those results will mean that your dog will NOT develop fanconi during his lifetime.  If a test has not been done on your dog it MUST have at least one parent that has tested probable CLEAR!

When this page is finished, it will include more information on health issues and other stuff!  Until then, please email me for any info you need.


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